The Reverend Paul Martin and his new Mini

The Reverend Paul Martin and his new Mini

My Mini from Newgate served me well for three years so I decided to go for another one when my lease expired.

Our long standing client the Rev Paul Martin likes avoiding the depreciation that comes with buying a new car. He appreciates having a new Mini without maxing out his budget.

Over the years, he has had half a dozen lease cars from us. He now takes to the streets in his second Mini. Having a new car makes travelling between his different parishes effortless and enjoyable.

The car itself provides him with good driving space and a solid performance on the road. Because he averages close to 15,000 miles per year, fuel economy is an important factor as well as reliability.

Like many other clergy, he is convinced leasing is a better option than buying due to the high levels of depreciation on new cars.

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