Answers to Common Questions

Whether you’re new to the idea of leasing or you’re an existing customer with lots of experience and knowledge then the following might help. We’re always on hand to answer questions about all types of cars whether petrol, hybrid or electric. Or if you just fancy a potted guide to car leasing then we can explain exactly how simple it is!

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Who are our offers open to?

Our offers are open to stipendiary clergy, NSMs, OLMs, diocesan, parish and Church workers plus families of these groups and those close to them. Our offers are also open to teachers and all full-time and part-time staff in Church schools. Again, this is also open to their families and those close to them

What about Cathedrals?

As well as Cathedral clergy, our offers extend to lay workers and voluntary staff (subject to credit status)

Can you help me to dispose of my old car?

Yes, we have a good contact who can give you a trade value for your car

Can Newgate deliver anywhere in the UK?

Yes, we can deliver your car right to your front door at any mainland location or in the case of islands, nearest mainland port

How long is the contract for?

Contracts are normally for 4 years but can be for only 2 years up to 5 years

What about servicing and MOTs?

Most of our contracts include servicing and all routine maintenance as standard. MOTs are also covered as are replacement tyres except where damaged.

What about breakdown cover?

Roadside assistance, Homestart and Relay are included as part of your contract in the majority of cases

What about road tax and insurance?

All leased vehicles arrive fully taxed with automatic annual renewal. It’s your responsibility to insure the vehicle

How flexible is the mileage allowance?

You can choose mileage to suit your personal needs. Mileage is flexible and can be amended should your personal situation change and this can be done after you have had the car for 6 months or longer

Can anyone drive my car or is it only me?

As long as the other person(s) is insured and has a current driving license

What happens at the end of the lease?

At the end of the lease, you simply hand the car back and we can talk you through each stage of the process. However, you are responsible for the condition of the car while it is with you