Our Customer Stories

The Reverend James Power and his Honda Jazz

The Reverend James Power can budget for the monthly payments easily and finds the cars are always reliable.

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The Reverend Stephen Edwards and his Fiat

The Reverend Stephen Edwards was looking for a reliable car and found one with Newgate.

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The Reverend Canon Liam Slattery and his new Nissan

The Reverend Canon Liam Slattery feels Newgate offer fair and competitive prices unavailable elsewhere.

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Trish Hodgetts wanted a reliable car for her family

Trish Hodgetts is thrilled with the reliability and services on offer to her family with Newgate.

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Reverend Christopher Spencer and his new Honda Jazz

It took Reverend Christopher Spencer no time at all to navigate into his new Honda Jazz.

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The Reverend Canon Victoria Thurtell and her new lease deal

Reverend Canon Victoria Thurtell is enjoying her new Fiat without the worry of unexpected costs.

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The Reverend Canon Nicholas Aiken loves our reliable service

The reliable, value for money service provided by Newgate really impressed Reverend Canon Nicholas Aiken.

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Reverend Elizabeth Dunning gets new car for first time

Reverend Elizabeth Dunning was delighted with our no-hassle approach in setting up her first lease deal.

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The Reverend Canon Norman Jones enjoys the efficiency of Newgate

The Reverend Canon Norman Jones has been a Newgate customer for over 15 years and knows it’s a service he can trust.

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The Reverend Beatrice Quaye and her Nissan Qashqai

Reverend Beatrice Quaye wanted a new car to replace her decade old BMW, and she’s very happy with Newgate.

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The Reverend David Morris and his Nissan Juke

A Newgate customer for three years, Reverend David Morris enjoys the affordable lease options on offer.

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The Reverend Gareth Coombes is a new customer

Reverend Gareth Coombes is a new customer and really appreciates the lack of fuss setting up a lease deal.

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The Reverend Michael Skidmore and his new Nissan

Reverend Michael Skidmore is grateful for the support and advice that Newgate offers.

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The Reverend Naomi Kaiga and her new convertible

Reverend Naomi Kaiga was completely stunned when her husband arranged a surprise delivery courtesy of Newgate.

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The Reverend Simon Hall and his sporty new Fiat 500

Leasing his first car with Newgate, Reverend Simon Hall is very happy with his new sporty Fiat.

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The Reverend Timothy Bush and his Honda 4×4

Reverend Timothy Bush is currently enjoying a Honda 4×4 and loves the hassle-free approach of Newgate.

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The Reverend Christine Goldie and her new Nissan Note

With a busy city centre parish, Reverend Christine Goldie likes the convenience and predictability of leasing a Newgate car.

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The Very Reverend Stephen Lake loves the peace of mind

The Very Reverend Stephen Lake is certainly worry-free thanks to his Newgate monthly lease deal.

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The Reverend Paul Wilson and his Renault Captur

The Reverend Paul Wilson drives thousands of miles in his work with the Methodist Connexion, so reliability is key.

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The Very Reverend Bill Hewitt and his reliable Honda

The Rev. Bill Hewitt appreciates having his new lease vehicles delivered straight to his door, ready to drive.

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The Reverend Shirley Miller and her new Honda

The Rev. Shirley Miller is on her third car with us. She appreciates the plain language of her Newgate lease agreement.

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The Reverend Paul Martin and his new Mini

The Rev. Paul Martin likes avoiding the depreciation of new cars – he got a new Mini without maxing out his budget.

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Reverend Alison Hardy and her Honda Jazz

The Rev. Alison Hardy is a big fan of our hands-on approach to sorting out the car leasing paperwork.

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The Reverend Derrick Dzandu-Hedidor is ready to weather anything

We helped guide the Rev. Derrick Dzandu-Hedidor through the leasing process to get a car he could trust in all conditions.

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The Reverend Anna Rodwell and her reliable four wheel drive

The reliability of a new car plus no hard sell added up to a winning combination for the Rev. Anna Rodwell.

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The Reverend Amanda Briggs returned to leasing after buying new

The Rev. Mandy Briggs is glad she returned to a lease deal from us having bought an unreliable new car elsewhere.

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The Reverend Neil Fairlamb and his automatic Honda

We went the extra mile for the Rev. Neil Fairlamb to deliver the car leasing deal he really wanted.

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The Reverend Marion Smith switched for more space

Having moved from sporty to spacious, the Rev. Marion Smith is happy with the range of cars we have to offer.

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Reverend Tim Hewitt and his Peugeot 207

The Rev. Tim Hewitt puts a lot of miles on his cars. He loves our competitive prices and range of reliable, cost-effective cars.

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Mrs Linda Jamieson loves our customer service

Mrs. Linda Jamieson likes how reliable our vehicles are as well as our personal approach.

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The Reverend Alice Snowden is a first time customer

The Rev. Alice Snowden found we were £100 a month cheaper than any local leasing options.

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Margot Robertson and her Nissan Note

Mrs. Margot Robertson is navigating her way around East Scotland with a built-in satnav.

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The Reverend Deryck Collingwood and his upgraded Peugeot

The Rev. Deryck Collingwood needed an economical car to drive around his city centre Parish in Edinburgh.

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The Reverend Carrie Applegath and her new Peugeot 207 Estate

The Reverend Carrie Applegath is enjoying a safe and reliable new car with Newgate.

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Father Richard Duncan takes delivery of not one, but two new cars

Father Richard Duncan and other drivers at the Oratory are very happy with their two Nissan Notes.

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The Reverend David Heywood loves the convenience of Newgate

The Reverend David Heywood has been with Newgate for his last five vehicles and loves his Nissan Micras.

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The Reverend Katy Dunn and her first car from Newgate

The Reverend Katy Dunn was looking for an economical small car and found it with Newgate.

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The Reverend Luke Smith enjoys a reliable car with maintenance included

The Reverend Luke Smith knows Newgate can help him with the unexpected as an itinerant preacher.

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