The Reverend Neil Fairlamb and his automatic Honda

The Reverend Neil Fairlamb and his automatic Honda

Nigel at Newgate gives a tailored service and came up with the best solution for me.

We went the extra mile for the Rev Neil Fairlamb to deliver the car leasing deal he really wanted.

Imagine having a brand new lease car delivered to your door. The Rev Fairlamb’s new automatic Honda Jazz was transported to him rather than being driven, so he started with zero mileage despite working in a rural parish in North Wales.

As his wife can only drive automatics, we were happy to source the automatic car he wanted at the best available price.

The economics and convenience of leasing a car also make sense to him:

“You get a better reliability with lease cars than with second hand cars. There are also no worries about trying to sell it on.”

The new Honda is his third car from us and he has been a happy client for more than six years.

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