The Reverend Alice Snowden is a first time customer

The Reverend Alice Snowden is a first time customer

It sounded like a ‘too good to be true’ deal so I asked lots of hard questions and it was actually all true.

The Revd Alice Snowden found we were £100 a month cheaper than any local leasing options and loves driving her brand new Peugeot 107.

We’re always delighted to get testimonials from first time customers and the Revd Snowden from Leeds is very happy with her new car.

After buying and selling cars privately for a number of years she looked into leasing and found us on Google. She’s particularly pleased at not having to deal with garages and sort out her own repairs.

She also quickly discovered that leasing with us was £100 per month cheaper than local options. What’s more, her Peugeot 107 only had four miles on the clock when it was delivered.

The reliability of having a new car has resulted in her and her dog Patch travelling much further afield.

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