Reverend Tim Hewitt and his Peugeot 207

Reverend Tim Hewitt and his Peugeot 207

Newgate provide a wide range of cars to suit different preferences and circumstances. They offer something for everybody.

The Revd Tim Hewitt puts a lot of miles on his cars. He loves our competitive prices and range of reliable, cost-effective vehicles.

With responsibility for covering both his local parish near Swansea and the ministerial development of clergy in an area of Wales covering over 100 square miles, a reliable, high quality car is an essential element of his work.

Our competitive prices are a big plus for him and he’s paying less per month for his new lease car than previous vehicles. Communication is also important and he had this to say:

“Newgate always make sure we know about the lease deals coming up when our car is ready to be changed”.

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