Margot Robertson and her Nissan Note

Margot Robertson and her Nissan Note

Nigel’s been really good, he’s very efficient and helpful, which is why I went back to Newgate a second time.

Margot Robertson has a busy schedule, with lots of travelling to do across West Lothian, Edinburgh and the Borders.

She is responsible for seven presbyteries and often travels four nights a week to visit different congregations, so a reliable, comfortable, fuel-efficient car is an absolute must. Margot came back to Newgate for a second car after her first Nissan Note worked out so well. We took care of the paperwork and she got her new Note in record time.

Margot got a built in satnav with her new car, along with a few other “bells and whistles”. She told us “The satnav will come in really handy finding my way home at 10.45 somewhere in the Borders!”

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