Newgate, Project EVe and Electric Cars

This is our first newsletter ‘Newgate News’ and we’d like to thank you for your interest in Newgate Motoring Solutions whether you’re a loyal customer who has been with our motoring schemes for years or if you’re a new potential customer thinking of options for your next car be it petrol, hybrid or electric.

Newgate is known to many as ‘Cars for Clergy’ however our offers are open to stipendiary clergy, NSMs, OLMs, diocesan, parish and Church workers plus families of these groups and those close to them. Offers from Newgate are also open to teachers and all full-time and part-time staff in Church schools. Again, this is also open to their families and those close to them. We also work with Cathedral clergy and our offers extend to lay workers and voluntary staff (subject to credit status).

On everyone’s mind at present is the climate crisis and how we can all help the environment. One of the ways to make a huge difference is by switching to an electric car or an electric vehicle – EV. Our existing and potentially new customers are making daily enquiries about electric cars and the whole charging infrastructure, including the range that cars can travel on one charge and of course which electric vehicle offers the best value.

When electric vehicles first came out, they were very expensive, with even entry-level models costing over £350 per month to lease. Having engaged in several rounds of negotiations over the past 9 months, we now have our first Newgate all-electric car at under £200 per month – even including VAT!

We’re constantly talking to experts in EVs about all of these points and building up our knowledge so that we can pass this on to you. For example, did you know that the range for an electric car is shorter during the winter than in the summer? Did you know that using the heater drains the battery far more than using heated seats or a heated steering wheel? And did you know that you can use your electric car when it’s not fully charged? You wouldn’t wait for your mobile phone to be fully charged before you use it!

There are a lot of questions around the best type of charger for your car. If you can install a home charger then this is an efficient method to use as you can charge your EV overnight. You might also want to have a Type 2 charger or a Rapid Charger so that you can take your car to a public charging point or charge it on the motorway while you go and have a coffee. Each electric car comes with a different type of cable and some come with both so you’ll need to do your homework on what will suit your work and lifestyle best.

We then get to the question about the best way to charge your electric car if you’re charging it from home. There are still some grants available for this, but they can vary depending on which part of the UK you are based. There are a lot of organisations out there claiming to be the best for installation of electric car chargers and you might have to kiss a few frogs before finding the right prince for you. Some of the larger organisations can be very corporate and expect us all to be experts in electric vehicles and understand all their terminology. Because of this, we’re working hard to grow our network of smaller electric installation companies who speak to customers in the same way we do at Newgate and make sure to avoid all the acronyms – so no faff!

All in all, we would advise all new potential electric car drivers who wish to be vanguards of the electric car movement to put in some preparation work before making a decision so that you’re sure you’ve made the right choice for you. We’re constantly speaking to customers who have sourced a new electric car through Newgate Finance and we’ve lots of interesting bits of feedback about electric vehicles which we can pass on. We’ve also supplied electric vans to Cathedrals and Foodbanks so we can offer some advice here too.

Newgate has taken the first steps in introducing our customers to electric cars and we’ve tried to assist in building the infrastructure around electric cars too. We’ve spent hours talking with suppliers who are experts in electric cars and we’ve had the inevitable Zoom calls too. We’re always talking to the electric charger installers and looking at the best options.

If, however, you don’t feel ready to opt for an all-electric car, we can still provide you with an eco-friendly petrol vehicle and we will continue to have a wide range of petrol cars available. Or you might see a self-charging hybrid as an alternative so that you have electric in the town or city and petrol for the longer journeys you make. Hybrids also come as plug-ins too (PHEV) and these can give you a longer electric range than a self-charging hybrid.

Next time on Newgate News, we’ll tell you more about Project EVe as we continue to partner with a number of Dioceses and Cathedrals in rolling out an electric car programme for their people. The installation of infrastructure to enable this is gathering pace as demand starts to grow exponentially.

“Project EVe – she was there first”.


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