The Reverend Deryck Collingwood and his upgraded Peugeot

Deryck Collingwood Car Image

Nigel is a very pleasant guy to do business with, he's very efficient.

The Rev. Deryck Collingwood is a big fan of Newgate's smooth contract process, excellent local servicing and, of course, the cars. So much so he's opted for a second Peugeot 107 with Newgate.

The Rev. Collingwood wanted an economical vehicle for visiting parishioners and other business around his Edinburgh church. He opted for a second 107 after finding the first one was a very comfortable drive and 'turned on a sixpence' - crucial for negotiating Edinburgh streets.

Deryck appreciated the attractive financial deal that we offered and has found working with us to be an efficient and simple process.

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