The Reverend Katy Dunn and her first car from Newgate

Katy Dunn Car Image

It’s been extremely straightforward and smooth, Newgate took me through every step.

The Reverend Katy Dunn got a Newgate mailshot and spotted what she felt was a great deal for her first car with us. “When I got in touch it was just made very easy and straightforward.”

Katy was looking for a car with great fuel economy, that was cheap to insure and run. The Peugeot 107 suited her perfectly. She told us it’s “lovely to drive – the gearbox is super and it makes travelling a real pleasure.”

She also benefited from included extras to help with the 20,000 miles she drives each year. "It turned up with tinted windows, which made me laugh when I saw them. My daughters tease me about it. I do a lot of short trips, so it’s a great car for that."

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