The Reverend Christine Goldie and her new Nissan Note

Christine Goldie Main Image v2

Trading in cars second hand was a hassle. Newgate is easy.

The Reverend Christine Goldie works in Glasgow, regularly driving to visits and other engagements in her parish. A reliable car is an essential part of her work.

Christine got in touch with Newgate after a colleague recommended us and she grew tired of the unpredictable expense and sinking values of second hand cars.

Now, for a single monthly payment, she knows she'll be driving a new, reliable car with maintenance and breakdown covered in a single price. We'll even get in touch before her lease ends to help her choose her next model. It's worked so well for her that she's on her third car with Newgate.

"It's really gone well with Newgate, it's just really easy and it's great to know what you're paying month to month."

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