The Reverend Carrie Applegath and her new Peugeot 207 Estate

Carrie Applegath Car Image

Nigel is very reliable and easy to work with.

After driving a secondhand Renault she describes as "old and faithful" for many years, the Reverend Carrie Applegath knew that it was time to think about a replacement, but wasn’t sure where to start.

Newgate made that decision easy with a range of new cars available to lease. Carrie also heard from a colleague that she had had a good experience with Newgate and said "that convinced me".

This is her first new car, which she described as "a treat". It needed to be safe and reliable as she travels frequently in the evening for work. After asking for a quote online, Newgate phoned and sorted the paperwork straight away, getting Carrie’s new car to her in record time.

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