The Reverend Anna Rodwell and her reliable four wheel drive

Anna Rodwell Page Image

You don’t get that hard sell. The car comes to your door without you having to set foot in a car showroom.

The reliability of a new car plus no hard sell added up to a winning combination for the Rev. Anna Rodwell.

As a returning customer who hadn't leased with us for a few years, she was really pleased to hear Nigel’s familiar voice at the end of the line.

The Rev. Rodwell is now driving a Honda CR-V, her third lease vehicle from us. She really appreciates not having to talk to dealers and visit car showrooms.

Living in a rural area full of farm tracks and narrow roads, the reliability of her new four wheel drive vehicle has been a real blessing in snow, heavy rain and high winds.

We even delivered her new Honda early as a surprise birthday present after her husband rang us to see if we could bring the scheduled date forward.

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